The youth group of NHC loves getting together to have fun.  We do many different events throughout the year ranging from the small fun things like bowling to the huge events like summer camp.  During the summer we meet on the beach instead of in The Loft.  We enjoy spending time together whether we are playing lazer tag or just sitting around a firepit roasting marshmallows.

Summer Camp

Each summer we go off somewhere for a week of camp.  A week to unplug and get away.  We always pick a beautiful location and a place that has a variety of fun things to do.

Each day is filled with activities, Bible study, worship, prayer and good food.

Camp is one of our favorite events we do during the year.  Check out the camp page for more details.


Monthly Events

Once a month we try to do something different and fun together.  We do things like, Bowling, Lazer tag, Camping, Firepit, Short Trips. 

Our different events have different purposes.  One of the foundational purposes is fellowship, building relationships with other students and with the adult leaders.


Outreach Nights

About every month and a half we have a night at youth group that focuses on reaching your friends with the good news that God loves them and loved them enough to send his son, Jesus Christ, to die for them.

We usually do a big food item that night.  We know that students love to eat!!


Our Events